Residential Solar Panels

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Residential Solar Panels Miami Fl

Residential solar panels

Interested in residential solar panels in Miami Fl? We at Solar Panels Miami have installed over 1420 residential solar panels in Miami Fl.

Save money on electric bills and do your share in cleaning up the planet by getting solar panels installed in your Miami home.  If a hurricane hits and longer power outages occur, your home will be independent of the grid and not struggling.  It is clear to see that investing in solar panels for your home is the right decision, and why millions of people in Florida have done it so far. By the way, Miami has 249 sunny days per year which is perfect for installing solar panels.

Difference between residential and commercial solar panels

There are two types of solar panels: residential and commercial. Here are three main differences between them:

Residential VS commercial solar panels
1. Planning

It is much easier to plan for residential solar panels then it is for commercial ones. With the latter, we need to take into account permits, other businesses in the neighborhood and technical specifications.  On the other hand, planning for residential solar panels in much easier and it makes the bulk of most solar companies projects.

2. Size, cost and efficiency

Residential solar panels are smaller then commercial. They measure 60 or 72 cells in size, and commercials ones measure 96 cells, although 72 cell ones are also sometimes used. While commercial solar panels are slightly more energy efficient due to their size and number of cells, there isn’t much of a difference in the final calculation when you take into account everything, since the way solar power is calculated is per kilowatt-hour. Residential solar systems are cheaper, as you will need less panels for your home than for a commercial building.

3. Installation

While it might be more difficult to plan, installing commercial solar panels is usually easier and cheaper than residential. That is because commercial ones are usually installed on flat rooftops, and residential ones on sloped roofs of the homes in suburban areas. Mounting solar panels on flat surface is quicker, more affordable and easier. Our expert team is highly experienced at solar panel installation on both flat and sloped roofs.

How solar panels work

When the sun rays hit the solar panels, the photovoltaic effect happens. That means that the silicone in the panels reacts by displacing electrons from atoms and thus creates an electrical flow – DC (Direct Current). That gets transferred over to an inverter that transforms it into an AC (Alternating Current) which can be used by the appliances in your home.

Any excess energy created by your solar panels is then put back into the electrical grid earning you credits. This is called net metering. A net meter records energy sent to the grid, and also used from the grid. You can use these credits during the days with not a lot of sunshine or during the night. And that is a perfect storage solution that costs you nothing. 

An alternative is to store energy on site using batteries, thus decreasing the dependence on the grid, and maintaining the capability to power your home during blackouts. The storage system can also include software monitoring to determine the use of energy in your home, utility rates and solar production.

For a detailed explanation on how solar panels work, click here.

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